Like security, healthcare is a critical market when it comes to (personal) alarms and service. Our solution can be used for service related and critical alarm applications in professional Healthcare environments.

The unique combination of the advanced features integrated in our Spectator Communication Platform (SCP), increases the healthcare organisation’s efficiency and drastically reduces operational costs.

Integrated personal alarm systems

Next to developing our own healthcare applications and devices, such as the BiDiApp and VAS, we aim to integrate any existing Healthcare Personal Alarm System (PAS) to ensure our partners have the ability to choose the apparatus and brands of their liking.

This also means that any Healthcare organisation can start using our SCP, without having to change their installed base of PAS systems, upgrading their Service and Control Room to the next generation and future proof concept, ensuring flexibility like no other.

Our most recent integration of mobile PAS (mPAS) solutions provides people in need the secure feeling of PAS while travelling or just doing the daily groceries, ensuring peace of mind for the users and relatives.


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