mPAS is a mobile panic button that uses 3G/4G networks with accurate GPS positioning functionality. Spectator has integrated the mobile panic button mPAS, to be able to provide the best possible support using all the advanced features of the SCP.

Originally developed for the elderly, this panic button can also be very useful for people in need, providing professional follow-up in case of emergency situations. The mPAS can also be used for lone-worker situations, where people are working in remote areas with possible dangerous situations.

Due to the connection with a mobile network, the panic button can be used in- and outdoors, featuring high-quality bidirectional audio for communication with the user/patient. The built-in Fall Sensor automatically triggers an alarm to the SCP when an impact, possibly due to a fall, is detected.

Next to the dedicated SOS alarm button on the front, mPAS has an integrated call function for non-emergency situations, by making either a direct call to a relative or friend, or sending a notification to the SCP for a social contact.

Combining mPAS with the SCP, the healthcare market is provided with a unique set of features that conventional PAS systems will never match: a safe and secure feeling for those in need, wherever they go.

Always connected, always safe, live without worries.


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