Our Vision

Innovation for Healthcare

The burden of diseases worldwide requires a paradigm shift in Healthcare and related support services. Aligned with the World Health Organization objectives to improve universal Health access and coverage, Spectator’s mission is to realise these WHO objectives with state-of-the-art Telehealth solutions.

Covering all stages of the Patient Journey, Spectator aims to increase cost-effectiveness as well as satisfaction for patients and their caregivers by improving Healthcare access and the Quality-of-Life of those in need, regardless of gender, race, religion, social status or geographical location.


Optimize care with Integrated Telehealth Solutions

Improvement for Spectator means making affordable and reliable Healthcare information and (remote) services available. To avoid unnecessary doctor visits and hospitalisations and achieve quick and a best-possible
self-assessment, anamnesis and treatment with measurable results.

The Spectator Telehealth Communication Platform (“SCP” platform) provides a multidisciplinary and interoperable digital solution for Prevention as well as remote Primary Care, Chronic Care and Elderly Care services. 

One Digital Gateway 

One digital gateway to connect customers and patients via Spectator’s BiDiApp to a multi-channel network of professional and informal caregivers. Spectator offers a total Telehealth-as-a-Service business (“TaaS”) model that is based on long-term partnership agreement without initial investments. This comprises the installation and commissioning of the SCP platform as well as training and certification. During the entire term of the agreement Spectator guarantees 24/7 service-on-line, maintenance, and software upgrades.