Primary prevention

The Spectator solution provides access to preventive measures that prevent the onset of illness or injury before the disease process begins.

  • Taking regular exercise with training videos
  • Create a healthy lifestyle with tips and tricks

All provided directly by your doctor or therapist.

Secondary prevention

The Spectator BiDiApp enables direct access to preventive measures that lead to early diagnosis and correct treatment of a disease, illness or injury. Avoid the development of more severe problems, as Health therapists and practitioners can help individuals acquire the skills of detecting diseases in early stages.

  • Self- screening with biosensors including threshold alarming
  • Symptom check with the integrated and certified AI-based Symptom Checker
  • Self-examination with the support of evidence-based medical information

Tertiary prevention

With the BiDiApp, Spectator enables healthcare professionals to provide remote guidance and support in rehabilitation following significant illness. At this level health services workers can work to retrain, re-educate, and rehabilitate people who have already developed an impairment or disability.


Covering all stages of the Patient Journey

Chronic Care

Remote Monitoring, Personalised Questionnaires and Diaries, Measurements with integrated wireless biosensors, Intelligent flow charts 

Elderly Care

Integrated Personal Alarm Systems, Remote monitoring, AI-based prevention, detection & verification, Smart Home integration, Tele-Assistance

Primary Care

Questionnaires, Symptom Checker, upload of patient info & pictures, chat & video consultation, appointment requests and notifications