Chronic Care

In Chronic care medical treatments address pre-existing or long-term illness. With an integrated range of wireless biosensors, Spectator enables remote monitoring of chronic patients with low-to high level medical conditions. Threshold alarming increases efficiency as it will trigger an automatic alarm in case of an emergency.

While many other applications can only support one medical condition, Healthcare professionals that use the Spectator Telehealth solution are able to remotely monitor a variety of chronic conditions with integrated biosensors (asthma, diabetes, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, congestive heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, hypertension and depression).

Without effective treatment chronic conditions may lead to disability. Overcoming these deficiencies will require nothing less than a transformation of health care, from a system that is essentially reactive - responding mainly when a person is sick - to the Spectator Telehealth platform that is proactive and focused on keeping a person as healthy as possible.

Integrated wireless biosensors

By the integration of a full range of wireless biosensors Spectator improves remote monitoring services.

Spectator enables you to monitor your patients from the comfort of their home. Based on their vital data measurements and trends, you can intervene proactively supported by the Intelligent Action Plans enabling interactive workflows. Focus on patients who need you most and save valuable time. 

Besides performing video consultations, digital reports or prescriptions can be sent directly to the patient or specialist. The patient summary in the platform shows all alerts specified on the treatment and device type.


Covering all stages of the Patient Journey


Evidence based Medical Information, a Virtual Lifestyle Coach incl. stimulation of Self awareness, engagement and Behaviour Change

Primary Care

Questionnaires, Symptom Checker, upload of patient info & pictures, chat & video consultation, appointment requests and notifications

Elderly Care

Integrated Personal Alarm Systems, Remote monitoring, AI-based prevention, detection & verification, Smart Home integration, Tele-Assistance