Positive Health

Positive Health

Salutogenesis, originates of health and focuses on factors that support human health and well-being, coined by Aaron Antonovsky Professor of Medical Sociology in Israel. "How can this person be helped to move toward greater health?“ No real dichotomy, separation but rather a health-ease vs. dis-ease continuum.

Health is broader than the absence of disease and symptoms. Elements such as resilience, mindfulness and self-management are key essentials. With the aim to stimulate behavior change and self-awareness on Positive Health, Spectator introduces ‘Health as the ability to adapt and self-manage’, initiating Positive Health as the starting point of the Health Journey. 



'Support patients to enjoy a positive and healthy lifestyle'

The Spectator BiDiApp contains self-help methods, encouraging self-care tactics and enables providence of health exercise videos to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy and at peace. Support patients to enjoy a positive and healthy lifestyle with direct access to personalised health questionnaires.

Filling out the Positive Health questionnaire helps you choose and discuss what is important to you. 

During the test, a patient answers questions on various topics in total. Afterwards an overview of the personal score is available. A specialist can contact the patient directly for necessary support and guidance. 

What are the topics?

The Positive Health questionnaire varies from different type of questions focusing on your daily circumstances. 

How do I feel physically?
How am I doing mentally?
How is my sleeping pattern?
How much confidence do I have in my own future?
Am I able to enjoy life?
To what extent can I participate in society?
How does my daily life look like?

The answers chart the personal Positive Health. The completed model can then be downloaded or forwarded.

Patients can discuss the outcomes directly with someone they feel comfortable with. A friend, neighbor or for example a doctor or social worker.


Features Overview

Positive Health comes along with the following features:

Personalised Health questionnaires
Physical and Mindfulness Exercises 
Evidence-based Medical Information

Covering all stages of the Patient Journey


Evidence based Medical Information, a Virtual Lifestyle Coach incl. stimulation of Self awareness, engagement and Behaviour Change

Primary Care

Questionnaires, Symptom Checker, upload of patient info & pictures, chat & video consultation, appointment requests and notifications

Chronic Care

Remote Monitoring, Personalised Questionnaires and Diaries, Measurements with integrated wireless biosensors, Intelligent flow charts