Spectator Healthcare Technology provides rapid deployable call centre solutions for Healthcare providers.

Based on the Spectator eHealth & Telecare Communication Platform and white-labelled and multilingual app, Healthcare providers are able to offer their patients:

Medical content
√ Self triage- questionnaires
Instruction videos for visual support
Video tele-consultations
BiDiApp Chat

Of course, the communication security is of great importance: Spectator is ISO27001 compliant. Call centre workstations are connected via secure VPN connections to the central server and the data communication with the COVID-19 app is standard encrypted.

Optimize care with eHealth & Telecare services

One Digital Gateway avoids individuals from unnecessarily contacting or going to doctor waiting rooms and hospital emergency rooms what will prevent further spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Aside video consultations, integration of biosensors for remote monitoring of admitted and non-admitted patients can be realised via one single-point-of-access.



All doctor-patient and doctor-doctor interactions are logged in the Spectator platform database and can be exchanged with third party databases (Electronic Health Records) 

This technological advance demonstrates the interoperability and leverage of the solution. It includes qualitative and reliable self-monitoring devices, such as a blood pressure meter, glucometer, oximeter and scale.

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The Spectator app is customizable and provides all registered users dynamic links that can be adjusted and updated by the respective Healthcare provider at any time.

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