Spectator BiDiApp

'Quality, flexibility and service with the BiDiApp'

Digital solutions have an important role in the access to high quality, affordable and accessible care. For this reason, Spectator offers BiDiApp. Enable your patients to have direct contact with a specialist, family, or even friends. Provide the right support before, during and after the care process.

Provide the best possible care at every step of the patient journey. The white-label and multilingual BiDiApp offers seamless integration of
value-added services.

BiDIApp can be used on any mobile device, iOS- or Android smartphones and tablets.

Features Overview

The BiDiApp comes along with the following features:

Medical Alarm
Medical Alarm Function via the Spectator Communication Platform
Tele-consult with nurse, physician or specialist / Video conference with family & friends
Multimedia Access
Multimedia access: news, radio, games
Video Streams
Access to live and recorded Video streamsĀ 
Bidirectional Audio Connection
Upload informationĀ 
Access to multi media and news
Medical info
Direct access to validated medical information
Upload measurements
Upload measurements from any device
Direct communication via chat
Notifications/ Reminders
Send notifications and reminders to the user
AI-based Symptom Checker
Integrated AI-based and certified Symptom CheckerĀ 
Request appointments
Request for appointment via BiDiApp