Healthcare Solutions

Integrated Telehealth solutions

Spectator Healthcare Technology provides rapid deployable integrated Telehealth solutions worldwide, covering remote services in all healthcare stages of the Patient Journey. Improve health outcomes, reduce costs, reduce unnecessary utilization (such as nonurgent visits to the emergency room), improve adherence to medication and other protocols, and improve patient satisfaction with the Spectator Telehealth solution.

The Spectator Telehealth platform in connection with the white-labeled and multilingual BiDiApp offers seamless integration of value-added services. All to achieve the best customer experience, turning the ‘Patient Journey’ into ‘Health Journey!’

Available products and services: 

  • Direct access to personalized and evidence-based medical content
  • AI-based Symptom Checker and customizable questionnaires
  • Request appointments
  • Chat
  • Notifications/ Reminders
  • Video communication
  • Integrated Biosensors
  • Action plans and threshold alarming
  • Share files and images 
  • Personal Alarm Systems incl. GPS localization

All communication is safe and encrypted according to our information security standards (ISO27001)