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Spectator integrated Telehealth solutions

Covering all stages of the Patient Journey,

Spectator aims to increase cost-effectiveness as well as satisfaction for patients and their caregivers by improving Healthcare access and the Quality-of-Life of those in need, regardless of gender, race, religion, social status or geographical location.


Covering all stages of the Patient Journey


Evidence based Medical Information, a Virtual Lifestyle Coach incl. stimulation of Self awareness, engagement and Behaviour Change

Primary Care

Questionnaires, Symptom Checker, upload of patient info & pictures, chat & video consultation, appointment requests and notifications

Chronic Care

Remote Monitoring, Personalised Questionnaires and Diaries, Measurements with integrated wireless biosensors, Intelligent flow charts 

Elderly Care

Integrated Personal Alarm Systems, Remote monitoring, AI-based prevention, detection & verification, Smart Home integration, Tele-Assistance

Our Commitment

Health Status against Patient Journey

We make efforts to change the way that healthcare services are offered in order to meet the changing needs of patients, both for the present and future.

Our commitment

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Integrated Telehealth solutions worldwide, covering remote services in all healthcare stages of the Patient Journey

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