Control Room

As the backbone of Spectator Security Technology, high-end security solutions have been our focal point for over 15 years. What started as an idea to develop one single Graphical User Interface (GUI) to receive and manage the proliferation of Security and CCTV products on the market, rapidly turned into state-of-the-art Control Room Technology. Combined with a game changing business concept, it is used by governments, public and private security companies all over the world.

One platform, One GUI

The unique combination of the advanced security features integrated in our Spectator Communication Platform (SCP) increases the security operator efficiency and drastically reduces operational costs. Combining Alarm and CCTV information the security operator will be able to verify the alarm before taking any other follow-up action. The comprehensive GUI ensures a reduction of false alarms, improved compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements. For new Security Partners, Spectator will aim to integrate the installed base to ensure little to no up front investment in new hardware.

Wide range of integration for multiple applications

The SCP can be configured and utilized for any type of security object, from static objects like Banks, ATMs, Petrol Stations, Public Areas and Governmental Buildings to mobile objects which include VIP transport, Cash in Transit and Governmental Vehicles. Even distant and remote locations are no problem, with our high-quality solutions over low bandwidths.


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