Smart City

Today’s Smart City is a city with an eye for the future, a city were information and communication technology, alarm systems, CCTV systems and other health and safety devices are integrated, connected and managed by one single platform. Managing specific data with such a platform can ensure the health and safety of all connected inhabitants of that city.

Technology is evolving exponentially and the data, that is collected by the variety of systems, can be used to manage entire cities like never before. Informing the right service provider, governmental or private organisation at exactly the right time is important, to ensure the correct follow-up in any situation.

Unified Monitoring Platform

Face recognition, number plate recognition, implementation of Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA), access control systems, personal alarm systems (healthcare & security) with video, (technical) service and support with bidirectional video, big data, social media scans, lone worker applications, etc.

The Smart City of the future starts with the Spectator Communication Platform of today!


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