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Last week, 20-23 May, Spectator was part of the Business delegation for the inspiring and successful Economic Mission to the Paris Healthcare Expo with Bruno Bruins, the Dutch Minister of Medical Care & Sport. discussed the challenges in the French healthcare market during interesting conversations with leading organizations in the field of home care,chronic care and elderly care. Solutions for the current trends in the emergence of chronic diseases, improve access to healthcare and affordable care for the elderly.

In an ageing society, we are seeing a shift to more homecare, which is enabled and supported by technology. Solutions in remote telemonitoring, home diagnostics and connected wearables minimize the need for hospital visits for the elderly and less mobile. Besides, improvements in safety have a positive outcome on the independence and quality of life of these individuals. The solutions also reduce the administrative workload of care professionals, resulting in their ability to deliver care when and where it is needed. It is Spectator’s mission to initiate long-term partnerships and increase the collaborative efforts, based upon the shared challenges and agreed goals.

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Our experience
Since 2003, Spectator Video Technology has developed its expertise in Video Control & Service Center Platforms.

With more then a decade of experience in the development and worldwide commercialization of video control and service centers, Spectator offers business-critical applications and services in the areas of healthcare, security and communication.

The combination of commitment and reliability motivates us to offer solutions for Primary Care, Elderly Care and Chronic Care in one secure environment.


Paris Healthcare Week 2019 – Press Release Spectator Video Technology


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