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03. December 2022
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Spectator Healthcare Technology and Cuídarte Tu Salud announce their partnership

Digital healthcare innovations in Colombia

Spectator Healthcare Technology and Cuídarte Tu Salud are pleased to announce their collaboration with a full implementation of Spectator's integrated Telehealth solutions, in the initial phase for home care and chronic patients.

The customisable Spectator BiDiApp and interoperable Telehealth Communication platform enable Cuidarte tu Salud to use digital healthcare innovations to increase remote care by professionals and informal caregivers, and to improve quality of life for those in need of care in Colombia.

Colombia has taken important steps in the reform of the health system, in line with the objectives of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Despite the process carried out to improve general access to preventive and curative services, there are still difficulties in accessing basic health services and in some municipalities, lack of them, which contributes to increasing social inequality in Colombia. According to the World Bank Group, several population groups and those living in rural areas still have lower rates of health utilization.
Thinking of providing a solution to this reality, Cuidarte tu Salud IPS and Spectator Healthcare Technology join forces to allow home care for chronic patients and older adults, giving caregivers the facility to remotely monitor a patient's vital signs without the need for a face-to-face doctor. 
Considering that Telemedicine will not completely replace in-person visits, Spectator's Communications Platform solution is flexible, customizable, and not another standalone application, it can help increase the reach of healthcare providers to enable quick and easy access to their patients' care.

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