Announcement on cooperation with Proxismed

January 7, 2020


Spectator Healthcare Technology is excited to announce its cooperation with High-Tech and High-Care Unit Proxismed – specialized in CRM of doctors, patients, caregivers, family members and other health stakeholders.
With this collaboration, Proxismed launches Tele-Orientation and remote Primary Care Services on the B2C market with as a first example the ‘Proxislife program’ for their own employees with a Nutrition support app to stimulate a healthy and casual lifestyle. The program will be conducted by a nutritionist and supported by the Spectator Healthcare technology with the Spectator BiDiApp for planning and facilitating teleconsultations.

On Wednesday 4 december 2019 the semi-annual Pharmacafé breakfast event took place at Proxismed. In a moment of great exchange, 20 market leaders of the Brazilian Pharmaceutical Industry shared their knowledge and expertise on how to increase therapeutic adherence and achieve treatment succes. At this event for new innovations and cases in Brazilian Healthcare market, Spectator’s Managing Director Dr. Frans Hermes shared experiences on the implemention of innovative technology in various countries worldwide to improve Healthcare access and contribute to the quality and affordability of care.

‘The world of healthcare interventions is in constant movement with new and emerging infectious diseases, changing disease patterns, demographic changes and rising costs of Healthcare. All these factors add complexity to the already considerable challenges. Spectator can bring an innovative answer and smart solution for these rising worldwide challenges,’
explains Dr. Frans Hermes.

By providing integrated eHealth & Telecare solutions via the interoperable Spectator platform in combination with the Spectator BiDiApp, nurses, physicians, medical specialists and Health institutions in Brazil and worldwide can significantly increase and improve the impact of their reach in Healthcare by facilitating remote consultations and patient monitoring services.

The clinical and populations health benefits are opening opportunities for the delivery of telecare services. “In 2025, we will have more people over 60 than under 20 and the degenerative diseases will be the major villains. How to make diagnoses, where to have hospital units, how to treat an aging country?”, Asks the Minister of Health in Brazil, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, during a speech at Conahp (National Congress of Private Hospitals) Thursday 28 October in São Paulo.

The Global telecare market is expected to hit $130B by 2025, fuelled by the digitalisation in the private sector as well as rural areas to improve access to Healthcare services and continuing integration of smart technologies in the Private Health sector. Spectator is ready to transform the Healthcare market by enabling and improving the availability of remote Healthcare services with a good-user experience for all those in need.

‘Let’s work together and make an impact.’
Dr. Frans Hermes, Managing Director at Spectator Video Technology




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