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The national e-health week 2019 will start soon! During this week, Jan 21-26, various organizations will promote e-health to show the benefits for healthcare organizations, healthcare professionals and patients.

Spectator will organize a demo of the eHealth & Tele-medicine platform from 23 to 25 January. A platform that supports the healthcare professional and the client. Are you anticipating on the future? It is already here, innovative & affordable technology for your industry. We are happy to explore the benefits together with you during our activity in Limburg.

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Our experience
Since 2003, Spectator Video Technology has developed its expertise in Video Control & Service Center Platforms.

With more then a decade of experience in the development and worldwide commercialization of video control and service centers, Spectator offers business-critical applications and services in the areas of healthcare, security and communication.

The combination of commitment and reliability motivates us to offer solutions for Primary Care, Elderly Care and Chronic Care in one secure environment.


Are you prepared for the future of care?
Society changes on a political, social and economic level. Together with technical developments, this can affect your organization. Characteristic is a reduction in the population growth by, among other things. aging and isolation. Partly as a result of this, the pressure on the labor market will increase in the coming years and fewer professionals will be available. We see an increase in the healthcare supply (competition) in addition to an increasing demand for care due to aging, early detection and loneliness. Informal care, by informal caregivers or volunteers, requires our support.

Due to cutbacks, but also through the introduction of new forms of purchasing, the complexity of the financing increases. Health insurers require efficiency and lower costs, and each municipality determines its own implementation of the WMO. The youth care and the trend of ambulatory care continues, as well as new forms of housing and care from WMO, youth assistance, sheltered housing and care.

New forms of cooperation such as municipal access with GPs, but also new cooperatives require good sustainable and affordable eHealth opportunities. Not something that has immediate priority in the first years of collaboration. These changes in society require new innovative and affordable solutions. Many healthcare organizations and professionals struggle with the question: where do I start? And in which systems do I invest? By trying out new things, you as an organization get more insight into the possibilities of technology. Care staff and clients gain experience and get into conversation with each other. This way you can prepare for the future step by step.

We can work with you as an eHealth partner to ensure sustainable, preventive and affordable support in your municipality and create a healthier population. We do this with each other, our partners, the residents, the municipalities and the Province.


Spectator’s eHealth & Tele-medicine platform
Why e-health?

More direct control, receive direct information about your health and care.
Longer healthy at home, by remote measurements and monitoring.
Direct support for professionals
What happens in the e-health week?

The main focus: how can we ensure that even more people can and want to use e-health? There is also a lot of attention for digital skills, so that people are able to learn how to deal with digital innovation. In many workshops, demonstrations, master classes, and networking events people share their practical experiences. There is always a match with someone’s interest or situation.

Interested? Then sign up here. We hope to meet you during the e-health week!

In one week, around 250 partners organize more than 200 activities throughout the country. Making ehealth an experience for everyone! The e-health week is an initiative of ECP | Platform for the Information Society, and is made possible in part by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, ZonMw, Zorgverzekeraars Nederland, ICT & health, Zorg van NU and Health Holland. For more information, see https://www.ehealthweek.net/.


8:30 am – 5:00 pm (CEST)

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