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21. October 2021
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Assisted Living - Spectator Smart Home Solutions

Assisted living allows residents to live more independently. A growing demand is seen, which is not an immediate need for care, but a desire to a retirement community or smart home environment that allows residents to be comfortable or 'age in place' and, as their #health and social needs change, to eventually be able to benefit from care at home. Spectator's technology not only enables assisted living with smart home applications, but also offers an unique experience and expertise based on a fully customisable and personalisable solution.

Support in aging by allowing elderly people to have direct access to smart solutions and enabling them to ‘age in place’ from their own homes or independent residents. Care organisations face these challenges caring for seniors with various medical needs. Spectator's Telehealth solutions are helpful in supporting seniors living at home as well as enhancing digital care. The exhibition CASACOR 2021 Ribeirão has started and promotes the Smart Residence concept for senior living.

We congratulate Aging2.0 for the initiative, the geriatrician Paulo Fernandes Formighieria, the biomedical engineer Norton Mello, with a PhD in #seniorliving, as well as the architects Drª Maria Luisa Bestetti, and Mariana Mie Chao, for looking into the demands and desires of the public over 60 years old. As Portal Medicina e Saúde states, the population of 60+ years old Brazilians is transforming to a more active and quality of-life seeking group. The difference in demand, not only in Brazil but seen worldwide, requires customisable smart housing solutions. According to IBGE data (2018), one in four Brazilians will be over 65 years old in 2060 - representing 25.5% of the total. Before, already in 2034, the 65+ will be 15% of the total and by 2046, will reach 20%. To compare, in 2010 - 11 years ago - this age group represented 7.3%. Until then, according to specialists, the market needs to promote healthy living (salutogenesis), safety and comfort in environments for the 60+ public, in addition to citing technology as an essential resource for the inclusion, autonomy and dignity of the elderly. In these cases, Spectator's Telehealth Communication Platform (SCP) can help promote the quality of life and well-being of this population through the concept of Connected Homes, see Spectator Healthcares core competences for remote monitoring and support:

  • Classification and escalation(routing) of (personal) alarms and (intelligent) triggers
  • Video verification of alarms by cameras and/or Spectator Healthcare’s BiDiApp to prevent unnecessary follow-up and visits
  • Monitoring of behaviour patterns, falls (risk) detection with on-board processing and supported by AI in order to detect/verify, and even predict and prevent
  • BiDiApp access to relevant multimedia sources, healthy games and evidence-based medical information in text, audio and/or video format
  • Diaries and status questionnaires
  • My Vital Data - Biosensors together with questionnaire answers connected to intelligent action plans allowing threshold alarming and automated processing, including messaging to professional and informal caregivers, relatives and friends


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Agreement with Coomeva Medicina Prepagada and Spectator Healthcare | © Spectator Healthcare Technology
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