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20. February 2023
Spectator Healthcare Technology
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Spectator Healthcare Technology announces partnership with Cronix

Digital Healthcare Innovations in Colombia

Spectator Healthcare Technology and Cronix introduce an integrated & innovative Telehealth Call centre solution on the LA market, to improve people's access to healthcare through telehealth technologies.

Cronix, the largest capacity medical call centre in Latin America specialised in the integration of telephone solutions, initiates the use of the multidisciplinairy and interoperable Telehealth Communication Platform of Spectator within the units of the Call Centre. The new partnership enables an integrated call centre medical triage solution to provide patients a variety of remote healthcare services.

As the only certified medical call centre in Ecuador, Cronix has a long-time experience in delivering Telehealth Services. Already since 2009 the company facilitates support in:

• medical appointment scheduling

• medical attention by telephone

• processing of invalidity pension

• care for celibate people abroad

• authorisation for external service providers

• social security cases

• case management (appointments/ medical


• support of external medical units


Making a difference

Building on a long-term partnership, Cronix and Spectator expect to optimize the facilitated care in all areas mentioned above and will start the technology implementation in March this year which will directly allow medical professionals and operators to spend their time more efficiently and work with an automated workflow based upon intelligent action plans in the Spectator platform.

Spectator uses years of experience in the roll-out of the project with the Spectator Implementation Method and dedicated support & maintenance by the project team.

Clear objectives of the project include promotion of health education (Prevention and Positive Health), improving the quality of life of citizens as well as the cost-effectiveness ratio while at the same time increase the satisfaction of patients and their caregivers.


About Cronix

Cronix has as its starting point the knowledge of its founders, Aníbal Carrera and Yaici Narváez, whose academic training (Masters in Computer Science from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, MBA from the Autonomous University of Madrid and MBA in Quito by the Instituto de Empresa-IDE) was linked to the concepts of computer science and related services. This specialisation and their training as computer technologists at the Escuela Politécnica Nacional del Ecuador opened the way for them to become part of a Spanish IT services company, of which they were partners.

A pioneering company in the integration of telephone solutions and a call centre that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the most modern solutions on the market.

Cronix has been sustained by its original Call Center services, since 2003, incorporates remote medical actions, establishing for the first time in the country the Telephone Medical Triage.

The company has provided services to Microsoft, CNT, IESS, Salud S.A., Hewlett Packard, ScheringPlough, Roche, Merck Sharp & Dome, Pfizer, Universidad Central del Ecuador, Produbanco, BancoBolivariano, Banco Pichincha, Banco Internacional, Banco Solidario, Conecel, Movistar, Xerox, BancoCentral, Correos del Ecuador, Etafashion, etc.


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