Libify, ASB Dortmund and Spectator Video Technology introduce remote personal alarm solutions

Made, the Netherlands – October, 2018

In October, Libify and Spectator Video Technology announced their cooperation to introduce remote personal alarm solutions with Spectator’s eHealth & Tele-medicine platform in the German Elderly Care Market. At the moment, Germany faces many challenges among which an aging population. “We want to provide the ultimate solution for the elderly to receive remote care and avoid loneliness”, says Director Frans Hermes. “If there are any uncertainties or questions, the client is able to contact the doctor or specialist via videocall. Subsequently, the Arbeiter- Samaritaner-Bund, ASB, has a central role to play.”

The Worker’s Samaritan Federation is one of the largest German aid and social welfare organisations with more than 1.2 million customers. The ASB and Libify have teamed up with Spectator Video Technology, to launch the future-proof alternative for existing receivers from Personal Alarm Systems PAS; Hausnotruf.’ Different devices such as Libify Geocare, Arkea tablet, DoroCare IP are connected to the eHealth & Tele-medicine platform. In this way, Spectator is able to offer a total concept solution for Elderly Care, Chronic Care and Primary Care services. In addition, the Spectator BiDiApp works on Apple, Android and Windows and is therefore brand independent and quickly applicable remote care solution for clients to get in contact with family, friends or a doctor.


The benefits are great: the client does not have to go repeatedly to the doctor or specialist. With the help of the remote elderly care solution, the client can organise his or her own agenda with much more freedom and the doctor or specialist can manage and monitor important data of their clients. In case of the Spectator BiDiApp, even someone without experience of using a tablet or a computer can get started. Older people are often surprised to discover the different solutions that can be connected to the mobile devices.



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