Secretary of Health in Osasco Brazil and Spectator Healthcare Technology
agreed on a cooperation with the aim to improve the Healthcare access for all citizens.

Osasco, Brazil – December 16th, 2019

Spectator Healthcare Technology confirms cooperation with the Secretary of Health in Osasco and the joined launch of Telemedicine solutions on the Brazilian market. The agreement will allow Spectator to expand the providing of remote health services and implement innovative technology within three health clinics in Osasco.

“This agreement is a key enabler in the development and marketing of eHealth solutions for remote video consultations and monitoring in Brazil. The interoperability of the Spectator eHealth & Telecare platform plays a key role and makes care coordination possible to provide health data of patients via multiple systems”, said Frans Hermes, CEO of Spectator.

Because patients often visit different clinics and specialists, the need for interoperability between multiple providers is crucial.
Coordinated care reduces healthcare costs by eliminating repetitive tests and procedures. Moreover, clinical information is shared between health clinics and
by healthcare providers who have previously treated the patient. Across the Latin America region governments are trying to improve their healthcare systems, within tight budgets and harsh global conditions.

Expanding population coverage and access to health services, Brazil made quality care available to millions of poor inhabitants.
The key to this strategy is primary care, that remains one of the main pillars of the health system. The secretary of Osasco and Spectator strive for standard flow processes through pre-set action plans in the Spectator platform with protocols for planning and personnel and the BiDiApp on smartphones and tablets for remote video consultations. 24/7 contact with a specialist, friends or family and direct access to news items, virtual tools and instructional videos. The solutions will streamline care, improve efficiency within care for specialized caregivers and allow patients to take control of their own health.


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